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Membership Rules of Understanding

Dr. Dikkon Eberhart is an experienced, published writer of fiction, non-fiction, and memoir, as well as of blogs. His emphasis is in the faith-based and Christian markets. His desire is to assist those who seek to follow their hearts while they write memoirs, and other writing, for use both as personal testimonials and for potential publication.

Dr. Eberhart makes no expressed or implied guarantee that work he has done in conjunction with, or as a mentor for, any Member of his website will result in any publication result of any kind, in any medium now known or later developed.  Nor does Dr. Eberhart express or imply any guarantee of earnings by the Member based on the work that was performed by Dr. Eberhart.

Fees paid to Dr. Eberhart are in US dollars and are due when an invoice is presented.  The fees purchase his assistance based on his experience and background, they make a claim of honesty and forthrightness upon his judgement, and they are calculated according to the time he provides to the Member for the work cited.

Fees for work may be determined either on the basis of time expended, or on a contractual basis identifying the scope of the project contracted.  


Dr. Eberhart’s hourly rate is $70.00.  

A combined hourly and contractual fee agreement may be worked out by discussion between the parties.

Before Dr. Eberhart agrees to any assignment, he will provide up to 60 minutes of telephone or Zoom time with the Member (gratis) so each party can have increased understanding of the scope of the work being purchased.

Dr. Eberhart will begin work on the assignment only when an initial payment has been received, via PayPal. 

Also, before agreement about any assignment, Dr. Eberhart may require the Member to submit existing work product and/or answers to questionnaires created by Dr. Eberhart, with any shipping cost being the expense of the Member.

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