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Commentary Articles on the video series,
The Chosen

Torque Knot

Tie yourself tightly to that which is true.


This series of numbered pieces will continue while The Chosen continues, and while the Holy Spirit still provides me with miracles of both perception and awe. We fallen Christian creatures live different lives than Jesus' chosen disciples lived 2,000 years ago, but in truth we live their same lives. We struggle, we sin, we fall, and we rise up again to struggle some more.


These attempts to honor The Chosen and its excellence arose from a series of dreams I had when I began bingeing the show. I found voices I could use for short pieces. My voices pulled moments of the show into our present time, and they availed me of first-person incidents that had remained, stored away in my heart, just waiting to be re-remembered and brought to light, as a way homiletically to reflect the light of Jesus.


I will file a new one about every two weeks.


i pray that all we viewers shall subsume ourselves at the foot of the Cross. And thank you, Rabbi Jesus. We bring our love and humility to Your Passion, and thereby may You save us.

Please watch for the next Torque Knot episode in this space -- coming soon!

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