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Dikkon Eberhart

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Egg Island by Dikkon Eberhart

​"I love stories - I write them, I sell them. For many, many, years I assumed I could live them. In fact, I did live them - or tried to." 


from ​The Time my Mom Met Hitler,

Frost Came to Dinner, and I Heard the Greatest Story Ever Told

Writing comes from a territory of my spirit where I objectify my experience, and then manage it, shape it, and communicate it back. When I do this well enough, in a memoir, for example, it gives pleasure to my readers and sometimes even explains myself to myself.  (I'm trying to catch up with what the Lord already knows about me!)  

Writing allows me to find truth. Truth exists, but it may hide behind what is more easily seen.

Explorers find what they expect to find, not necessarily what is there.

This is my writing hub and where I would like to get to know you, my readers, more. I will be writing regularly so be sure to subscribe for updates to my blog. I will also post links to articles that I publish elsewhere and of course, there is a page for my books. 

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