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See ya Later!

I am delighted with you readers!

I am especially grateful to those of you who write me back by email or comment on my posts or on my Salem Web Network articles, but…I am closing my writing down for a period of months.

For closer communion in truth via the Holy Spirit with God, for authenticity in my relationships with others whom I love, and for my future honesty with you readers, I need to concentrate on plain truth and not hide behind the walls of my laptop.

A lot of you readers are writers. I hope you don’t suffer from my malaise. If you do, then pay attention to your suffering. Don’t merely endure it. Fix it.

​My malaise is word-smithing. I’m good at word-smithing. I grew up learning it and hearing it and seeing it honored while I lived among the scores of poets and other writers who peppered my parents’ literary dinners. Later, during 28 years as a salesman on the road, I perfected it.

Any evening, at the hotel, I’d prepare my sales calls for the next day and then gladly enter within the walls of my laptop and, until 2 or 3 in the morning, polish and polish and polish my words written the previous night.

Maybe 100,000 pages—30,000,000 words—who knows?

Ten years it took, but then I had a book. Sold about 4,000 copies—well received; good reviews; hours I spent on national radio shows. (More word-smithing, verbally this time.) Sales are trickling off now, but the book is still in print after 3 years.

And there’s also a new book, now, three-quarters done. It’s waiting within the walls of my laptop to tell me, at last, what it is about…which I don’t know yet.

Its final mystery needs to be anointed with a drop of literary and sacramental chrism. But that can’t happen until I live the book out, in life, and discover what it is about.

And that’s why I’m closing down for a time. To concentrate on living my life out with authenticity, humility, and succinctness.

We are all of us made in the image of God. God did not make us in His image in order that we should merely endure. Sacramentally, we are created beings who must struggle against our sin natures for the purpose of reflecting the glory of God.

Each one of us possesses some of the attributes among all the attributes that are available as the total image of God.

For example, I’ve said that one of my skills is word-smithing, but one of my sins is my habit to hide behind the product of my word-smithing. Sometimes what people I love experience of me is not authentic of me—instead it’s the product of my word-smithing.

Please leave your subscriptions active. That means—don’t do anything about them. They’ll remain active automatically. They cost you nothing, and I am not requesting any time from you…since I’m not sending you anything to read during this time.

I’ll see ya later.

I look forward to it!

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